I’m Spending My Time

making-peach-crispHow do we spend the bulk of our time?

There are lots of things we love to do. For one person it might be gardening, golfing, decorating. Still another may love to spend hours reading, puttering around their house, or sewing. There is so much to do – scrapbooking, cooking and baking, collecting things, writing, etc.

Whatever it is we love to do – do we spend hours and hours of our time investing in getting it done – to use for the Lord? Or do we spend hours and hours of our time doing something just to have it done for our own satisfaction? You see, I’ve been thinking about why we are here on earth, what we are to do with our time, and what we can take to heaven with us. And it seems to me that God wants us to spend the bulk of our time either growing and learning more about Him, or sharing His love with others so He is glorified.

I know we all have hobbies, interests, to-do lists, etc. And I think we will always spend some of our time devoted to tasks, projects, and hobbies that may have no eternal value whatsoever. But it’s the bulk of our time that we should analyze. If we love to garden – that’s great. But then what do we do with it when it’s done? Do we donate produce to the church? Do we give flowers to the sick, lonely, and needy? Or do we just enjoy it for our own pleasure?

Almost everything we do and are interested in, can somehow be used for the Lord.

I am on the computer a great deal. I am constantly trying to reavaluate the time I spend on it and asking God to help me purge what needs to be purged so that I don’t waste hours and hours of my time when I have a family that needs and wants me with them. BUT — I can honestly say that most of my time on the computer is used for the Lord. It is the Mission Field He has called me to at this point in my life. And if a lot of my time is spent there – then it’s because I am willing and wanting to continue to let God use me to bring others to Him. And I think that’s okay. I think it’s more than okay.

Everyone has a different calling on their life and a different “mission” where God can use them. For you, maybe your mission field is working in the public school system. Maybe God has called you to leave your family and friends and serve Him in Chile or Germany. Maybe God simply has chosen to use you in a way no one else can be used by working through you at your local hair salon, or through your gifts of baking for others. For me – God has called me to the Mission Field of the Internet right now.

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing….wherever you spend your time – please make sure you aren’t simply doing it for yourself. Keep your ear tilted to what God is trying to tell you and ask of you. Be willing to open yourself up for HIS plans for your life. Allow your hard work and dedication to be vulnerable and open as God uses it to bring others to Him.

You see, we can spend hours and hours of our time carving, crafting, sculpting, cleaning, molding, or embellishing something — but if we don’t turn back around and allow it to be used for the Lord – we’ve merely wasted time.

It’s okay to enjoy video games, crafts, movies, and the what-not. Let’s just make sure that those things stay as periodic enjoyments from time to time – and never end up being focuses of our whole attention and time. Those areas need to stay open to be available for God to use whenever He chooses.

We are who we are for reasons. Allow God to use your natural “bents”….. your time will never be wasted, if you do.

~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry at http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com – you can also visit her parenting blog at http://influencinglives.blogspot.com


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