Chase’s Black Eye

And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.
Ephesians 4:32

I walked into the house from my ladies group last night and found Chase, on the couch, with a shining, swollen eye. Just looking at it made me cringe. His little face around it was all puffy and starting to turn black and blue.

He went over to a friend’s to play and apparently, a baseball found its way to his eye. I asked him if it hurt and he said, “Yes.” I asked him who threw the ball that hit him and he told me it was his friend, Josh. I asked him if he was mad at Josh for hurting him and he said, “No mom, it was an accident.” There wasn’t a hint of animosity in Chase towards his friend, for causing him this pain. Josh has been Chase’s best buddy since Kindergarden and he loves him like a brother.

I just got him up for school, but he can’t see out of his eye very well, and it’s looking quite brutal, so he’s going to have to spend the day at home today. Chase loves school. It’s not something he tries to get out of. But again, he’s not bummed out or angry, he just went back to bed to lay down. It is what it is and he’s accepting his situation.

So many times, as we go through life, people we love hurt us. Sometimes it’s intentional, but honestly, I think most times it is by accident, or they aren’t even aware they’ve caused us pain.

If we carry those offenses around, if we let our situation dictate our feelings, we will feel even worse. Jesus told us, “Do not judge, and you wll not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” (Luke 6:37)

That is how I want to live my life … like Jesus … like my little Chase man.

Father, thank you for situations, to show us how to walk life out, your way. Please help me Lord, to turn the other cheek when things doesn’t go the way I hoped or planned. Help me Lord Jesus to let go of the circumstances and put my focus on you, through it all.

I Love You Jesus.
In Your Name I Pray,

God Bless You!


Submitted by: Joyce Schneider

The Choices You Make Today …
Will Affect Your Tomorrow!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MissTheresa
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 18:01:39

    AMEN! Suffer the little children…to remind us.
    Thank you for this post. I needed this reminder, too.


  2. Tonia
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 20:54:33

    Thank you for this Joyce. My 2 1/2 year old daughter just received a broken nose. And though she was in pain and it was so swollen, she turned to daddy and myself and said, “It’s not Brendan’s fault (the boy she was playing with), It’s my fault”. How innocent she was and intelligent to realize that it wasn’t the other person’s fault. The boy felt so bad that it had happened, he cried! I look into my daughters eyes, and see knowledge. God sure speaks to us through our children. We are learning every day and in every situation how would Jesus do it, or respond to it. Thank you again for your encouraging words. God bless you.


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