Suffering Needlessly

I have been listening to a sermon online from my cousin today. And it touched me based on some recent things my husband and I have been going through. We have felt the need to stand up and speak regarding a certain circumstance – and to not sit by and be merely “victims” of the whole thing.

I don’t know why, but it seems that we as Christians sometimes feel that we must suffer in order to be Christlike. The Bible tells us to turn the other cheek, to love our enemy as ourself, to forgive over and over, etc. And so I think at times, we end up suffering needlessly. We end up doing a disservice to ourselves and the lives that God has given us because we are not calling upon the strength and power of the Lord to “be wise as serpents” and to take a stand. If it doesn’t bring glory to God to sit by and suffer, then it is not wrong for us to rise up and put an end to it.

We are not better Christians for suffering. It doesn’t always make us stronger. In fact, sometimes Satan can use our suffering to pull us away from the plans that God has in mind for us. We can let fear rule us and allow whatever it is that has a stronghold over our lives to hinder our growth in the Lord, and to change our mentality so much that we end up becoming ensnared by it.

Standing up and being on guard doesn’t mean that we lose moral ground or become vindictive. We should always pray and seek God’s counsel so that we can maintain our integrity and witness.

I think far too many Christians have become passive. I think far too many of us suffer needlessly. We are either afraid to take a stand or we have lost our acute vision to discern when a serpent enters our midst. We need to be aware. Satan is out to attack us and we shouldn’t be surprised when we are targeted. We need to start calling upon the Lord to protect us and to arm us so that we can fend off people who mean to emotionally or physcially harm us or our family. Don’t let your heart grow cold, but constantly take your feelings to the Lord and allow Him to help you deal with them in His timing.

People are cunning today. They are decevious, conniving, and sly. They are selfish and prideful. We live in a time when we can’t just be blind and turn the other cheek. There is a time and a place for that – but there is also a time and a place for saying, “I will not suffer needlessly.” I will not let you inflict needless pain on me or my family. I may get discouraged, but I will continue to call upon the Lord and do the right thing. I will let God comfort me so that I will not easily be shaken. I will be a faithful servant despite the arrows aimed at me.

Are you doing what God has called you to? Are you suffering needlessly in your life right now because you’ve let fear, hate, bitterness, unforgiveness or something else defeat you? We are soldiers of the Lord. Keep your eyes on God, and be alert – watching for that lion who is ready to devour you. Don’t run and flee. But stand up and call upon the power of the Lord to help you fight whatever it is you are facing.

We don’t need to be victims anymore. There’s nothing “Christlike” about huddling up into a ball or pretending not to see something going on, all for the sake of “peace.” Uncurl yourself, turn around, and refuse to let Satan use anyone or anything to make you feel less than you are. We are children of the Lord and we have a heritage through Him. We need to start acting like it.

I knowI’m tired of suffering needlessly when God doesn’t get any glory through it or because of it. How about you?


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