A Life of Purpose

reading-to-kaylaOur family should be our top priority.  There are so many things out “there” today that can distract us or occupy our time, thus taking us away from the top priority in our lives.  We can get caught up in many different things.  But if we’re not careful, our families’ and our children will suffer and pay a price.


If we are going to raise confident, moral, Godly young men and women – it won’t be by accident.  If we are going to have vibrant, loving marriages – it won’t be by accident!


We need to live a purposeful life.  We need to focus on what kind of home we want to raise our children in, what kind of values we want to instill in them, and what kind of an example we want to be for them in the process.


Our families’ in today’s society are falling apart.  And I think it’s because we are letting other people and things (including our own pride at times) take priority over nurturing, growing, and bonding the family unit.  No one said being a wife or parent was easy. It’s not!  You need to have perseverance, patience, creativity, pray A LOT, and have a good support system to help guide you along the way.

We can’t aimlessly walk through life anymore.  We need to have some vision in what we are doing.  God can give us that vision and He can give us the strength, direction, and support we will need.

Having a loving family is a privilege. It is a privilege that comes from making them a priority as we raise, love, and tend to them.

Take the time, make the effort, and funnel out the “unnecessary” distractions that tear your family away from one another.  Make your husband and children your number one priority today.  It will be the richest blessing you’ll ever experience.



~ Dionna Sanchez shares from her heart to help encourage moms. She started Emphasis On Moms at http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com out of her desire to help and heal hurting hearts.


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