My All

playing-kaylas-gameGod has called me to be a mother. It is my priority in life right now. I do love to write. It is a passion and another calling that I believe God has blessed to bestow on me. But first and foremost, comes family. Raising children is a gift. Some days it is tiring – some days frustrating, and other days a comment or situation will come up when you feel like maybe something is getting through and you are doing something right. Overall, it is a privilege and a role to be celebrated.

For me, home and family means everything. Home is a haven to come to where you can be yourself – a place where you can laugh, cry, yell, be silly, share your fears, and be “you” with those who understand you better than anyone else. It is the place where you can grow and learn about who you are, and who God is creating you to be – day by day.

In my home, and in my life I desire to constantly be in a state of learning. I don’t know it all but I do know MY all – Jesus Christ.


Dionna Sanchez


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