Wait On The Lord

I went through a time period awhile back where I was feeling a bit restless. I just wasn’t as satisfied with the things I was doing as much as usual. I felt like I wasn’t getting certain prayer requests answered fast enough, I wasn’t seeing those close friendships develop as quickly as I’d prefer, and I continued to feel as if I was in a “hold” pattern.

Do you ever feel that way? Surely, you do.

Well one day while I was walking on my treadmill, the Lord spoke to my heart. He told me to “wait on the Lord.” And it sounds so simple – so easy. Wait on the Lord. Yet, it’s not really very easy to implement at all.

If you can take a minute to step back and look at your situation – maybe you will see what I saw. I saw how I had been getting ahead of myself. I’d wanted some things to happen so much, that I failed to allow God to work in me during the training session of my life at that point in time.

I don’t believe that God won’t necessarily take me to the dreams and ambitions I have for my life – but I do think that if it’s His will that I get there, that He wants me fully and completely whole and ready. I need to go through the phases in life that I may perceive as “deserts” or “hold” patterns. To me, that’s what they may seem like. I realize that to God, they are just a part of the big picture.

I’m glad that God has given me an excitement to do things for Him. I’m glad that I have a heart that wants to be used for Him mightily. But maybe the “might” He sees is different than the “greatness” I see. Maybe I can be used mightily today, as my child so needs a warm, loving mother. I may not think it a big thing or grandiose – but I may not be able to see how one thing I do today affects and takes root in my child’s heart and impacts them in a profound way in the future.

I still feel a little restless sometimes. Knowing and realizing that God wants me to wait on Him and His timing doesn’t always take those feelings away. But they do help me focus on being more patient as I endure the process that He chooses to take me through.

I think if we’re always looking ahead to what we want to do, to that “next” thing – that next point that God could take us to… we might just miss today. Every moment can teach us something if we pause enough to look for the lesson in it.


Dionna Sanchez ~ Founder of Emphasis On Moms (http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com/newsletter.htm)


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