Rubbing Shoulders

I will be one of the first ones to say that I do not know it all. I am far from perfect. I am constantly learning about myself and through what I learn, am allowing God to mold and shape me each day into the woman I truly dream of being. A big part of my learning is by rubbing shoulders with other moms and women. They teach me so much about myself. I have had friends with very strong personalities teach me things about myself. I’ve had friendships with hurting women who have taught me strengths in myself. And I’ve had friendships that didn’t work out, or that have left my life for one reason or another – that have also taught me things about who I am.
Whether you are just starting out life as an adult or are in your later years, we still all have things we can learn from one another. We have things we can also teach each other. Don’t isolate yourself – but embrace the women God has put around you. Who we rub shoulders with in our lives, truly does make us who we are.


~ Dionna Sanchez (


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