The Best

Wealth – beauty – power – fame…. those are all things valued in our society. They are so valued that people think they aren’t valuable if they are not beautiful, powerful, or successful. So we have a society of people who are living for themselves. I mean, you can’t be living for others if you are striving for success, beauty, wealth, and fame – right? It’s all about “you.” And it’s an empty life. Things, people, and circumstances will satisfy… temporarily. But they won’t last
I’ve learned that to really feel “great” – you have to have a life that is about others not as much as it is about yourself. And if I want to have children who grow up to feel valued and “great” – I need to teach them that the best image they can have – is one that is selfless not selfish. That is the greatest recognition you could get. It’s hard for all of us… but if they can be just as happy being on the team instead of only having to be the captain —- if they can feel satisfied finishing the race and not only content if they finish it first or second — then maybe they will also learn to help others along the way because they are less focused on themselves. Maybe they will develop compassion for that person who comes in last because they know how it feels.
 I want them to do their best not because they want to “be the best” but because I want them to be THEIR best.



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