Walking Through The Dark

I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.
John 8:12
I was at my doctor’s today, discussing some things I could do to help me sleep.  I have been having a terrible time sleeping lately.   He suggested I take a brisk walk after dinner.  Well, by the time I got ready to go outside, it was very dark.  I didn’t want to go by myself, so I asked Chase if he’d go with me.  He was agreeable, and off we went.  But by the time we got to the driveway, we realized how dark it was, so we ran back to the house, grabbed flashlights and off we went again.
Chase was so excited, it was a big adventure for him.  Running – walking through the night.  He was running, I was walking.  And then he’d come back and walk with me a bit, chattering the whole way. 
It was a nice time and I told him how much I appreciated him going with me.
I was thinking how different the experience would have been, had I been by myself, without any light.  It would have been a bit scary.  I live out in the woods, there are no street lights around.  But with Chase beside me, all was good in our little world.
I used to stumble through life, in the darkness, and it was very scary.  Then one day, I found the light of Jesus and a good friend to walk with me and my world changed, and it’s been an exciting adventure ever since.
Father, thank you for shining your light on me.  And for giving me friends, to walk through this adventure with.  And most of all, for that special little boy, who is truly one of my most favorite people!!
I Love You Jesus.
       In Your Name I Pray,

God Bless You!



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