Self-control and diets

I don’t know when it happened but it seems like overnight my weight went out of control and I’m considerably heavier than I was 15 years ago. I’ve been working at home for most of that time and I guess it must be that constant nibbling through the day, rather than proper meals because it was easier and simpler to do. I did go to Weight Watchers 2 years ago and that helped but I still have to be mindful of what I put into my mouth.

Self-control is not an easy thing, especially if it’s not something you want to do. I want to still be able to eat anything I like as I did when a young girl but my body doesn’t behave the same way it used to.

I wonder how Mary learnt to just sit and not allow other things to distract her?  Did she struggle with learning self-control or was it a part of her natural make-up?  Was it possible that her desire to be with the Lord was stronger than anything else in her life?

Did Martha struggle with self-control, allowing other things to constantly grab her attention and therefore stealing precious time she could spend with Jesus? Or was it that she saw herself as ‘doing’ for him rather than ‘being’ with him?

Kathie M. Thomas is an Author, Blogger, Speaker and Virtual Assistant Coach & Trainer. Her passion is about helping women return home to work, using skills they developed in the workforce, so they can be home fulltime for their families.


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