Time Passing

I think most of us fill up our agenda with too many things. Sometimes, those things may seem like worthwhile causes. They may even be for our church. But God did not intend for us to live frazzled, hurried lives. I know this because of the way He lived. He took time to go away and think or pray. He took time to escape the crowds in a quiet garden or at the home of friends. He never rushed to one place or another. He went intentionally, and methodically.

That’s how we should live. Intentionally and methodically. We should take the time to escape the noise of the world, along with all of its commitments, and replenish our souls. We should take a look at our agendas and see if maybe we are filling up our time doing something that God did not intend for us to do. Maybe we were truly meant for something else – another task or project. And God can’t use us because we are using ourselves somewhere else.
Time goes by so fast. It doesn’t really matter how many volunteer hours we log in at the school, church, or wherever…. if it’s not God’s Will for us.

Something to think about.


Dionna Sanchez – http://emphasisonmoms.blogspot.com


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