In But Not Of

I want to live in this world but not be “of” this world. I want to enjoy what it can offer me, but not let it affect me so much that I give priority to things that shouldn’t have a priority. I don’t want to let the world tip me out of balance.

I feel much more refreshed, at peace, calm, and focused as I draw in the support, love, and truths that God can offer me. I am able to handle what is thrown my way better rather than so easily getting thrown for a loop by it, instead!

I’m still gonna screw up. I’m not perfect. I know that I will at times, let the dailyness of life pull me away from getting much-needed Christian growth in my life. But I hope that those times will become a rare occurence, and that for the most-part, I will open up the floodgates of my heart to soaking in all the Christian influence I can- to arm me and prepare me to stand steadily on my two feet as I face the world each day.



~ Dionna Sanchez

Founder of Emphasis On Moms –


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