People are struggling with so many different things and are remaining victims of those hurdles in their lives. But we can praise God knowing that He is sovereign and all -knowing and that He WILL bring all things together for good if we serve Him and remain faithful to Him. If our life remains a life filled with issues, and struggles – so be it! Our attitude and acceptance of it, can dramatically transform how we feel about our obstacle or battle, as we go through it. Thus, possibly easing the weight or burden of it on our lives.

God loves you and I. He hears our cries and sees our tears. Yet He also seeks our trust. Let’s give it to Him as we seek His guidance to help us learn to accept what we’ve been given, and where we are. Let’s lean on Him for our courage and strength as we strive to move beyond it – never letting it overcome who we are meant to be in Him.


~ Dionna Sanchez


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