God Owes Me Nothing

and I owe God everything.

Powerful statement.

Our Pastor made us write this down at a church service recently.

Have you ever considered this thought?  We were asked to carry out an exercise in our own time, away from church, to consider all the attributes of God – He is merciful, loving, good, gracious, kind, forgiving and the list goes on.  We were told there are over 50 attributes alone which can be sourced from Nehemiah 9.

And then we were told to consider His actions – saving, healing, setting us free, provision, blessing.  His promises include answering our prayers and needs.   And the gifts He has given us – life, salvation, health, strength, talents, food, family, friends, etc.

Now, considering all these things can you see that He owes you nothing? In fact, if the only thing He gave was salvation through offering His Son in your place, there is nothing else He need have done.  And yet He keeps giving to you and me on a daily basis.  Why do you suppose that is? Because He is a loving God and He wants to give us all every opportunity to receive what He has to offer us. Don’t you think it’s time to accept His gifts?

Kathie M. Thomas is an Author, Blogger, Speaker and Virtual Assistant Coach & Trainer. Her passion is about helping women return home to work, using skills they developed in the workforce, so they can be home fulltime for their families.


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