We Have The Power

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit come on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerualem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
Acts 1:8
We had Vacation Bible School at our church last week.  I was dreading it … a bit.  Hey, I’m being honest here; the thought of spending five evenings with 50 or 60 rambunctions kids after working all day just wasn’t exciting me.  It’s been a long hot summer and I was just feeling worn out.  But I had such a good time at VBS last year, and I had made a commitment a couple months back to do this, so off to church I went.
The theme this year was Power Lab, we learned how Jesus gives us the power …
    1.  To Be Thankful
    2.  To Help Others
    3.  To Be Brave
    4.  To Live Forever With Him
    5.  To Share God With Others
As I stood and prayed that night, before we started, I actually felt God’s power fill me up with excitement for the evening, and we all had a great time.  And I wasn’t so tired the next day.  It seemed like each day, I got more and more energized, as I spent the evening teaching the kids about the power that Jesus gave them.
He was giving it to me as well.
On Thursday, when we shared the message of the gospel, how Jesus died for our sins and rose again on the third day, just about every little kid in the place prayed and asked Jesus to come into their hearts.  It was the sweetest thing.
The last night, I was sharing with the kids how Jesus gives us the power to share God with others.  The day before I had driven to Tampa to speak to a group of ladies, about the healing and hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus. 

I shared with them that, just a couple of years ago, I was afraid to drive on the Interstate and I’d get sick to my stomach whenever I spoke to a group.  Now, I drove all over the place, all the time; no fears.  And I’m as comfortable standing in front of 100 women as I am talking to one or two. 

It was so cool to give them real life examples of the exact things I’d been teaching them all week!


On Friday night, when those little kids marched up to get their certificates, I should and cheered each one of them on … so very blessed that I had been given the opportunity to spend time sharing Jesus with them.
As we drove home that night, I mentioned to Bobby that I wasn’t even tired; that week of pouring into those kids had revived my spirit and my body, I truly had received Jesus’ power through sharing him with the boys and girls.
Father, thank you for giving us the power to do all things through you.  Lord, I will never stop being amazed and encouraged by the way your spirit fills us up, when we reach out to help others.  And Jesus, thank you for allowing me to share you with all those great little kids at VBS.  Nurture their spirit Lord and keep their little hearts pure.
I Love You Jesus.
      In Your Name I Pray,

God Bless You!



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