How Much More?

And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: – Hebrews 11:39 (KJV).

For the longest time, I didn’t “get” this verse.

I didn’t understand why God would say that the heroes of faith didn’t obtain the promise when obviously Abraham and Sarah obtained their promised son, Isaac.

Now I don’t believe that God is referring to their individual promises.

I believe He was referring to the promise of Jesus, our better Covenant. Jesus didn’t come to Earth during their lifetime.

God had to count them as righteous, looking forward in time to what Jesus would do on the Cross for them.

They had confidence in God (faith) to obtain their individual promises under the Old Covenant of Law.

How much should more we, now that we have the New Covenant of Grace through the shed blood of Jesus, be able to have confidence in God? How much more should we obtain the things God has promised us?

– Annagail Lynes


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