Have you ever had one of those days when you just felt like a dork? Efforts made – came up short. Comments and actions – seemed to miss the mark. Basically, your self esteem just wasn’t feeling solid on that particular day!
How thankful I am, that I can come to God – just as I am. No pressure to perform to certain standards or expectations, no misunderstandings (for He can not only see my heart – He can read my mind!) – and nothing but open arms welcoming me into His presence – wanting to see me, be with me, and love me. How reassuring and thankful I am! Because this evening, I need those open arms. I need His love to remind me that I am not a dork. I need His strength to build me up again and show me that I’m doing okay and I’m on the right track – regardless of responses by others. He can encourage me to stay the course. Because Satan loves to make us feel sorry for ourselves and powerless – doesn’t He? We can’t be used to spread God’s love and cheer if we’re too busy being wrapped up in our own pity party. I know that, and I see that.
My soul is comforted by being able to take my feelings of “dorkiness” to the Lord. He is always there for me – ready, waiting, and welcoming.
~ Dionna Sanchez (

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