The Hard Stuff

We all go through things in life. No one gets out of this world without enduring something or another. For everyone, that challenge could be different. For some of us, it is health issues – whether cancer, constant allergies, battles with depression, kidney stones, eye problems, weight issues, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, or recurring infections. For others, it could be dealing with critical family members, a broken family due to divorce, sexual addictions, anger, a low self esteem, strong willed children, prodigal children, financial problems, or any number of addictions, persecutions, emotional issues, or spiritual battles.

The constant struggle of dealing with whatever issue we have been dealt – can be draining and wearing. We can “rail” against God and ask Him, ‘Why me?”

Accepting the hurtful, HARD stuff in our lives is not an easy thing to do. If we accept it, we are aknowledging that whatever we are dealing with may always be in our lives. And most of us just don’t like that option – do we?

But we could look at the flip side of accepting what life has dealt us. Maybe – just maybe – God will use it to chisel the bad stuff out of us and mold and shape us to be more like Him. Maybe what we go through will be used to bring others to His kingdom.

If we can ask God to help us adjust our attitudes to what we are experiencing, I think we will find our outlook (and possibly our situation, as a result) will improve.

~ Dionna Sanchez –


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