I Read The Instructions

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.
Psalm 119:11
Carson got a new watch the other day.  He was so cute the next morning, showing me all the things that his watch could do.  He showed me the alarm, the snooze, the stop watch and about 10 other features.  This little watch could do everything!  He knew what button to push for what and how long to push it.  I was amazed and asked him how he knew how to do all that stuff.
His answer, “I read the instructions.”
Ummmm … novel thought.
He showed me the instruction sheet and I have to confess, it looked a little intimidating.  But Carson wanted to know how to work his watch, so he diligently studied it so he’d know what to do.
I can image that many young boys with the same watch, would not take the time to read the instructions and all they’d use the watch for would be to tell the time.  And they’d miss out on many of the benefits.
I was thinking about why some people find Jesus and jump in with both feet and really grow in their walk with Him.  And others, well, they have professed Jesus, but they’ve not grown in their relationship with him.  They live the Christian life – minus the benefits.
It came to me, the ones that grow closer to Jesus, well, those are the ones that read His instruction book, The Bible.  God left us pages and pages of instructions and promises, on how to gleam all the benefits of living a life filled with Him.
We all have a choice … do we want to just tell time or do we want all the blessings?
Father, thank you for giving us a step by step guide on how to live a life, filled with abundance today, with you!  In a world that is literally falling apart at the seams, you are truly hope eternal.
I Love You Jesus.
      In Your Name I Pray,

God Bless You!


Submitted by:
   Joyce Schneider
   A Life Decision


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