I know that I have fears. We all do. And I know that I battle those fears all of the time. The mind is a very powerful thing. Fears can rule you and dictate what choices you do and do not make for your life.

I think we forget that we are not here – we do not exist for ourselves. There is a far greater plan at work here. And Satan knows it. Oh believe me – he knows it! And he does everything he can, to hinder our efforts, to squelch our desires, and to scare us to death into staying at home and huddling up into a ball.

Fear. I have to fight it, just like you. I have let it shake me, just like you.

I am humbled to think that I consider my life to be more valuable than spreading the Word of my Lord. And that gives me such pause to think today…..

~ Dionna Sanchez/Founder – EmphasisOnMoms.com


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