Unashamed to follow

This year the theme at our church has been ‘unashamed to follow’ with an emphasis on discipleship and the importance of not being scared to share our faith outside of the walls of our church.

This used to be such a challenge for me.  I have loved Jesus since my early teens but until a few years ago I was not very open about my beliefs, only answering questions or saying something once I knew where the other person stood in their life.  In 2001 I went to work at our local church office, using the corporate skills I’d developed over many years.

I was confident in my abilities and knew I would be able to bring their office up to date and get it in shape – in return they did the same for my faith.  I learnt to pray at the drop of a hat when someone would burst into the church in need and the Pastor wasn’t around. I learnt to pray for another staff member or even a Pastor when asked.  I learnt that God is in everything in our lives, not just when we are looking for Him.  I learnt so much and when it was time God released me back into my working world, sending two prophets to confirm that it was time to move on.

My Pastor and his staff were sorry to see me go but I will always be forever grateful for what they taught me.  I am no longer afraid to share my faith and I’ve been on an amazing walk.  I’ve pushed forward on the path that God has set for me and although it has had its challenges (no road is ever smooth), I’ve had the most amazing experiences because of being open about my faith.  People I might not have connected with are now drawn like a magnet and we find we have a common bond in Christ.  And each person has contributed something to my continued journey.

Are you ashamed to follow?

Your sister in Christ,

Kathie M. Thomas


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