Drifting Away

We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.
Hebrews 2:1

A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I went to the beach. It was a beautiful day, one of those picture perfect June days in Naples. Blue skies and a nice breeze, not too hot — just about perfect. The water was a little rough for me, but the boys loved it. They were using their noodles to ride the waves and they spent the entire time there, in the water.

But I noticed something interesting that day. They would start out in front of me, where I could see them easily, where I could run in and save them, if need be. Although truthfully, both boys are better swimmers then I am. But after a while, I would look up and they would be clear down the beach, the waves would have carried them quite a ways away. And it would not be as easy for me to watch them, or protect them. The further they got from me, the longer it would take me to reach them. I ended up having to go down the beach and encourage them to come back to me where it was safe, several times.

Have you ever been floating along in life and realized you have really drifted away from God? Maybe not on purpose, maybe not even anything you were really aware of, but all of a sudden you sorta ‘come to’ and you realize He seems so very far away? Maybe the waves that carried you off were something as innocent as your job or your family or maybe something a little more painful like a divorce or even as devastating as a death?

Just like I sat and watched the boys today, God never takes His eyes off of us. Even when we’ve drifted wayyy downstream, He is always there, running beside us saying, “Hey … come on back to me where it’s safe!”


Father, I thank You that I can go to the beach with my boys and get a lesson in Your love. How very cool is that? Thank You for being so REAL in my life!

I Love You Jesus.
In Your Name I Pray!

God Bless You!


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