Our Ultimate Protection

I used to be fearful about everything–the car being stolen in the store parking lot, the house being robbed, people in my family dying, the phone ringing at strange hours of the night, eating. Anything and everything caused me fear.

I used to do certain rituals every time I would leave the house, leave the car in a parking lot, eat or go to sleep. I had convinced myself that if I didn’t do the same ritual the same way each time, bad things would happen.

Then God taught me to plead the Blood of Jesus over everything because of its protective powers. Instead of doing my rituals, I only do one thing. I plead the Blood over what I wanted protected.

One time I rode in a car with my Mom and her now-former boyfriend. We drove down a road I traveled every day when I heard the Spirit of God tell me to plead the blood over the car. I did, and a few seconds later, a car slammed into an utility pole right behind us.

I know that I know that I know that he would have hit us if I had not obeyed God.

Jesus’ shed blood protects us and all that concerns us. The children of Israel put the blood of a lamb on their door posts. In the same way, we have to plead the Blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, over everything we are concerned about–from our finances to our kids–because the Blood of Jesus is our Ultimate Protection.

– Annagail Lynes


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