Comfort Zones

I read in a devotional yesterday morning that if we ever want to move forward in God’s Will, we must allow

Him to take us outside of our comfort zones. And that’s really tough to do at times! Because we can grip and hold on so fiercely to those comfort zones! Maybe a comfort zone for you is your friendships and God wants to move your family away. Maybe your comfort zone is being able to schedule your day just “so” and have it

go the way you want it to and God wants to fill up your schedule to a level that you are just not used to. Maybe your comfort zone is having your children go to a Christian school and God is moving your family to put them in public school.

God never intended us to live comfortable, safe lives. He wants us to be a light to the world. Sometimes to

be a light – that means treading out into darker waters. Sure, it’s scarey! But I’ve learned that it’s safer to be in darker waters with God on my side, than in the shallow waters all on my own without God working with and FOR me.

~ Dionna Sanchez


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