Is God Sovereign over THAT?

I have been thinking that since God is Sovereign over all, then He is Sovereign over what family I was born into. That might sound a little simple, but when you think of how easy it is to “go down the road” of reflecting on the past and possibly holding on to those things that have been hard, it is easy to get into them mindset that there was some kind of mistake along the way! To look back over the years and remember those things that have been hurtful, or not handled correctly, can cause me to become tempted to give into bitterness and resentment.

There was a time that much of what I did as a parent was done with the attitude that I wanted things to be different for my children than it was for me. Now that I have older children I often think of how I want to be as a mom of adult children. If I am not careful my focus can be on how “I’m going to do it ‘differently’ rather than “How does God want me to do it?”

God has been helping me have the right perspective about this. As I look back over the years I can learn so much. I can learn from the good, and I can learn from the bad. I can be a better mom as a result of the good, and as a result of the bad. There are lessons from both. It is so encouraging to know that God does use both the good and the bad in our lives, and that they can both serve to make us better if we can see them as God sees them. Not only is it encouraging and freeing for me personally, it is encouraging to know that my children will be able to look back on their lives and see the good and the bad, and God will use it ALL for their good.

As easy as it might be for me to slip into remembering and make that be my standard for what I do, I am praying that God would constantly remind me that the only standard I have is His Word. If I seek His face, and do things the way He tells me to that is enough. I have also found it comforting when others don’t agree or understand something we’ve done, that I only answer to God. If I have been looking to Him, then His approval is all I need.

He really is all I need!

Chats With An “Old Lady”!


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