Truly Living

When do you truly feel as if you’ve “come into your own.” In what atmosphere, setting, or moment in time have you felt like you were the person you truly wanted to be? What makes you feel good about being YOU?

So many women don’t feel good about themselves. You can see it in their faces. Maybe they believe lies that were told to them when they were young. Maybe no one has encouraged them or told them they were valuable in a really long time. Or maybe they are just trying to be something…someone that they simply were not created or destined to be!

I’m still in the process of “coming into my own.” But the more I am able to truly know who I am, what I feel, and what embodies or makes me “me” – the freer I feel in my own skin. The more relaxed I am able to be and the more I seek to learn about myself, because I have found that I am a very intricate person!

For me, I have found that I will never be okay with who I am when I am seeking things outside of God’s love, plans, and messages that are aimed just for my personal heart and soul. The more I desire to be closer to Him, the more I embrace the truth that He loves me “just as I am” – then those are the moments where I can enjoy life the most and live it with the most abandon, because then, I can forget myself in the process. And I believe that is how God truly wants us to live.

~ Dionna Sanchez


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