Parental Controls

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Joshua 24: 15 NKHV

Finite, decisive, and to the point, the purposeful choices of a godly parent influences each member of that household. Because parents either by their actions or words reflect the goodness, kindness, and fear of the LORD, a child learns about Christ’s faithfulness. The problem with our modern day families is lack of parental controls. Some parents leave the choice about television programming to the children. Whatever keeps the peace in the household rules. Some parents never read of review their siblings online computer chitchat. The hearts of the parents are not turned towards the children but their selfish needs – but not with Joshua.

He decided to exercise his parental controls. In that household, children, servants, and relatives served the LORD. At least in every family interaction Jesus received honor and respect. At the dinner table bad language and off colored jokes were not welcome. All invited guests understood the dynamics of a God honoring conversation. At Joshua’s dinner table Jesus received honor and respect.

When was the last time that your family sat together at the dinner table without the television blaring in the background? When was the last time that a guest understood that in your house everyone controls his or her behavior and language? That little ears and eyes listen and watch everything. The fear of the LORD is taught by example not words. Joshua decided that Christ ruled within his sphere of influence. What about you?

Copyright 2008 Patricia Charlton


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