Will I Be Remembered?

Have you ever thought about who will remember you when you are “gone
or what you will be remembered for?The other night our family spent some time with a young couple who are college students. We were telling them some stories about people who were at the college years ago, and the different things they had added to the school. These people had dedicated years of their lives to this small school and added so much to it while they were here. Yet this couple hadn’t even heard of them. Later Brian and I were talking and I made the comment that if we were to leave the college tomorrow, it wouldn’t take but a couple of years and WE won’t be remembered! We’ve been here for 15 years, and have poured our lives into this place.
It’s hard to comprehend there being a time
when we won’t even be remembered!The next day I was reading in the book of Isaiah. God spoke to me through several verses in chapter 26. In verse 8 I read, “…our heartfelt desire is for YOUR name, and for the remembrance of YOU.” Then in verse 13 I read this “…but we will acknowledge and mention YOUR name only.” I was reminded of our conversation and I sensed the Lord saying to me,
It doesn’t matter if you are not remembered…
mention MY name only…
make sure they remember ME!”

God is continuing to teach me more ways to fulfill my calling of denying myself,
and that I need to learn to sacrifice MYSELF for HIS glory.It doesn’t matter if I am remembered.
All that matters is that HE is remembered.
My job is to continually EXALT HIM.

That’s all that really matters!

“Oh, Father…I pray that YOUR face will be seen,
and not mine!”

Chats With An “Old Lady”!


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