Losing Chase

In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.
Matthew 18:14

I was reminded of this story recently at a conference I attended and I wanted to share it with you. The pastor was telling a story about losing his son, and immediately the day we lost Chase came to mind.

Chase had just turned two, it was Labor Day and Bobby and I were both home. I had been working in my office, he downstairs, the boys playing out on the deck, in their little swimming pool, with a water hose going. They hadn’t been wearing any clothes that day, they had been in the pool on and off, and at that point in their life, swimming naked was just easier than dealing with pull-up and swim diapers, etc.

At one point, I remembered Carson telling me he was going downstairs with his daddy and I had asked him to take his brother with him. And I had seen both of them go out the door and down the steps. Well, about an hour or so later, I decided it was time to think about dinner, and I wandered downstairs to see what Bobby wanted to eat. I saw he and Carson busying themselves in his shop, but I didn’t see Chase anywhere.

“Where’s Chase?” was my first question. To which Bobby replied, “I don’t know, he was upstairs with you.” I quickly assured him that Chase was not upstairs with me, I had sent him downstairs with his brother about an hour ago. Well, I ran back up the stairs and Bobby ran out to the yard and we started our search.

And the panic started to envelope me. I knew Chase wasn’t upstairs. I knew he had went down the stairs with Carson earlier. And I had not heard him return. But I did a quick search anyway, and then ran back outside and saw the look of panic on Bobby’s face. I was starting to get upset as I assured Bobby that Chase had come downstairs an hour ago, hadn’t he seen him? And Bobby sadly shook his head, No.

The tears were flowing, and I was running around the yard screaming Chase’s name but he was no where to be found. We ran out to the street and looked each way, wondering where Chase could have gone? We live in a rural area with woods on one side of us and to the back, so the street was probably the place where Chase had headed, since it was the clear route.

As we looked up and down the street, we saw a group of people heading towards us in the distance. We couldn’t make out who it was, but it did appear our dog, Bobo, was with them.

As we rushed towards them, we saw our little Chase being pulled in a wagon, the dog right beside him. There were about four or five people in the group. We grabbed Chase and hugged him tight and thanked the people for bringing him back. It appears that they had been sitting on their lanai and this tiny little naked boy had walked down their driveway and right up to their door. They did not speak English, they had no idea where he belonged, but they had started down the street in hopes of finding his family. A neighbor had come across them, and told them where Chase belonged, and they were bringing him back to us.

I surely cannot image what they thought … at that point, I really didn’t care. I was just so very thankful to find Chase safe and sound. And I was so thankful that God had protected him while he was gone.

The pastor that was speaking last week, was comparing people who don’t know Jesus, who have gotten separated from him, to this concept of losing our children. God created each and every person in His image, He knew us before we were born, He has a plan and a purpose for us, and when we wander away from Him, it breaks His heart. And He will do whatever it takes to get us back into His fold, into His family, and I believe it touches His heart in a special way, when our deepest desire is to help Him gather back His children.

I can assure you, the day I lost Chase, I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, we have Carson, it’s okay that Chase is gone!” No sir’ee … all my thoughts were focused on getting Chase home and I have to tell you, those people that brought him back safely, I will be eternally grateful to.

Father, thank You for protecting Chase that afternoon and for bringing him back safely to us. And Lord Jesus, give me your heart for the people that have wandered away, so that my deepest desire is to help them connect back to you.

I Love You Jesus.
  In Your Name I Pray,

God Bless You!


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