The Women at the Cross

There were 7 women recorded in the four Gospels that were not only there at the death of Christ, but who followed Jesus throughout his ministry. These women were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary’s sister, Salome, Joanna, Susanna, and Mary the wife of Clopas. Women in the New Testament times were looked down upon compared to men, they were not even allowed to be taught religious teachings. However, Jesus changed that. Many of these women listed Jesus had healed from demon possession. He showed them so much love and forgiveness that they dropped everything they had and followed him. Many of them even supported him financially with their own resources. But what touches me the most is how fervently they followed Jesus. And after watching the only man in their life to accept them, forgive them, and love them die on a cross they did not give up. While the 12 disciples went home these women made oils and spices to annoint Jesus’ dead body. Of course, we all know that when they eventually arrived at his tomb he was not there, but angels told them that Jesus had risen. They were then instructed to go and tell the disciples, but the disciples did not believe the women. When Jesus made his first appearance it was to Mary Magdalene. How amazing would it be to be the very first person to see the risen Lord!

I say all of this to encourage you as a woman. Sometimes we feel incapable or weak or not good enough. But Jesus, himself, showed how much he cares and loves us as women. I also think that these women were amazing examples to us on how to fervently follow and deeply love our Savior. I pray that I would have a heart more like them.

In Christ’s Love,

Angela Sanchez


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