Perfect Isn’t So Perfect

God is teaching me that perfection is highly overrated. What is “perfect” anyways? Someone will always be more perfect than us in our minds. Someone’s home will always be more perfect. Someone’s look, style, way of speaking, way of parenting, and even their way of handling life will be more “perfect” than ours. So what is perfect?

When Jesus came to earth He never tried to be perfect. Let your mind grasp that for a minute. He was here as a man. Did he make sure his feet were washed and he was “perfectly” clean and presentable before seeing others? No. He felt their presence was more important. Did He care that Mary and Martha’s home was perfectly in order and that the meal was immaculate and the best served? No. He wanted their companionship more. That is what God is showing me. That people matter more than being personally “perfect.”

God is showing me that “perfect” isn’t so perfect.

~By Dionna Sanchez


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