Who Are You Hanging With?

Who do you hang around? The people you hang around can make or break you.

As a teenager, I used to hang around some questionable friends. They used to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and do drugs. One tried to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. Although my friends did these things, I didn’t.

I had drifted away from God during this time. I dated a guy who wasn’t saved. I knew better, but because I had already been compromising my beliefs, it became easier to bend to the world’s way of thinking.

It took me a total of eleven years to come back to God. It didn’t have to be that difficult. I could have come back to God at any time, but I didn’t want to lose my friends.

Many times in life, we have to give up the bad things in our lives. The friends who put us down. The friends who mooch off us. The friends who tolerate us instead of celebrate us.

When we do, God can put the right people in our lives. The ones who will encourage us and inspire us to go to new levels in God.

– Annagail Lynes


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