Nothing Ever Stays The Same

Nothing ever stays the same. Life has seasons and with each season comes changes.

I find that when you realize you are entering a pivotal change of seasons within your life, that God almost always brings you to the point of readiness for those changes. Have you ever noticed that? You come to a point in your life and you realize that you are ready to embrace the meaning, the value, and the effects of the winds of change that you know are descending upon you. And if for some reason you feel you aren’t ready, then God amazingly equips us with deeper strength, resources, and blessed friends and family to help hold us up along the journey.

So if you are feeling the lowest of lows today in your life – hang on. For one day a change will come to your hurt and pain.

And if you are feeling your highest of highs today… count your blessings and embrace the peak. For those thoughts will carry you through the tough times when they come.

Each season in our life can be a blessing as it grows and shapes us. But nothing ever stays the same.
By Dionna Sanchez


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