You’re Beautiful

As a little girl it doesn’t take much to make us feel beautiful. We would put on our mom’s high heels, pearl necklace, and night gown and feel like a princess straight out of a fairy tale story. As time goes on and we grow older it takes more and more for us to feel truly beautiful. We watch the women on tv and in magazines and slowly our own beauty slips farther away from us. We don’t recognize it as easily, even though we have a God who recognizes our beauty constantly. The world is always changing its definition of beauty and we see desperate women trying to meet that definition. Sometimes it means buying new, trendier clothing and other times it means getting plastic surgery to make yourself better. I don’t want to have to work hard at being beautiful. I want it to come naturally from who I am and who God made me to be. That is what we need to realize….God made us. You and I are a creation of God, His masterpiece. You are a stunning piece of art created by the Almighty Himself. Doesn’t that make you feel beautiful?
I love imagining God forming me and contemplating on how He wanted me to be. And we know that we serve a God who does not make mistakes. That let’s me know that I am how he wanted me to be.
Let’s praise God by recognizing our beauty and not compromising it by falling to the world’s definition of what is “beautiful.”
You are beautiful…You are a masterpiece of the One true God of Heaven and Earth….Celebrate Your beauty in Him!
In Christ’s love,
Angela Sanchez

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