Saying “NO”

I have this “inner” dilemma. I hate to let people down. When I am asked to do something I have a very hard time telling someone “no” – even if I would really rather not.

You see, I am a people pleaser. So that means that I find great delight in helping others. I want people to be happy with me. I want them to find favor with me. Sometimes to my own detriment.

But I’m learning how healthy it can be to say “no.” God says that everything may be permissible for me, but not everything may be beneficial. So I’m using that new perspective to filter what I say yes and no to.

A friend of mine recently told me that “there will always be opportunity and there will always be needs.” And she is so right. I can give until I’m blue in the face. There has got to be a line to draw somewhere.

I know that I have a large, active family who all has great hearts for the Lord and for others. We do our best to give our all to everyone we care about. But we are learning that to do “all” for everyone else means that we sometimes can’t do “All” for what God really has in mind for us.

All it takes is a little discernment and some practice to learn how to say “no.” You’re not going to please everyone anyways (I found that out the hard way!).

~ Dionna Sanchez (


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