Patience: Not Hasty or Hurried

Another meaning for patience is not to be hasty, impetuous or hurried.  How many times have you been in a big hurry?  Did you ever think being hurried meant you were not being patient? 


For me, one of my struggles is the morning routine of getting the kids ready for school.  No matter how early I wake them up, we never seem to leave the house on time.  My default response is to get flustered and hurry my kids along.  As I studied the meaning of patience I discovered my behavior is not what I want to teach my kids. 


Every time the feeling of hurriedness appears, it’s an opportunity to pray to our gracious Father in heaven.  Pray something like:


Lord, your word tells us patience is a fruit of the spirit.  If I’m not patient right now, I must not be walking by your Spirit.  Lord, I give you this moment and ask you to fill me with your Spirit.  Enable me to stay calm as we get ready this morning.  In Jesus’ name Amen.


© Elizabeth Marks, author of ThinkOnIt Devotions and has a heart for encouraging others with God’s Word.  For more devotions, bible studies and a recommended book store, visit today.



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