It’s a Tough World

The world is out to get your family.

Sex and pornography are aimed right at your son and husband. It comes at them unashamedly through the Internet, e-mail, cell phones, movies, video games, and television.

Sex is also being aimed at your daughter. She is being told that she is only valuable if she dresses a certain way, looks a certain way, and acts a certain way. And it’s going to be a battle for her to learn to see her beauty as God sees it.

Materialism, violence, self-esteem, values, and morals are all on the battleground and society is not afraid to take them on!

Talk to your kids. Explain your decisions. Watch what your kids watch and keep the lines of communication open with them. Don’t try to avoid sensitive subjects but discuss them with honesty, maturity, and love.

It’s a tough world out there but we give it far too much power at times. Put the power into your family’s hands with God at the helm by being informed and aware. Then you’ll win the battle.

By Dionna Sanchez


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