Putting Together The Puzzle

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body,
and each member belongs to all the others.
     Romans 12:4,5
Yesterday one of my friends brought over a puzzle for the boys to put together.  Bobby decided he wanted to give it a shot.  He found some others who wanted to work on it, cleared off a table and dumped out the pieces and started putting the puzzle together.  I think there was three or four who originally started working on it, but before long, seven of us were gathered around the table, staring at that puzzle.  The puzzle was like a magnet, drawing us in.
It was a pretty large square, after they got the perimeter of the puzzle put together, 750 pieces in all.  Several people were working within the square, everyone had picked little sections that they were putting together.  But one of the girls was putting her section together outside the puzzle.   As it became larger it was clear that she was going to have to somehow, merge  her section into the whole.  It was time to join her section together with the main group, but connecting  the smaller section that was outside the frame, took some effort. 
She couldn’t do it on her own.  She needed assistance.  To get the section in, a gap had to be made in the outer rim, to allow her to move the section through, and then to hook back up with the pieces inside.  There was a time of disruption for the ones that were already together, while the new section merged in.  But soon, with several hands helping, it was all connected back up and the new section became part of the whole puzzle body.
Amid the others encouraging her to join together with the whole, I started thinking about how much our lives within the body of Christ, can be like those puzzle pieces.  Sometimes we are that little section, growing out on our own, waiting to be connected up with a group. 
It’s hard when we are comfortable, out in our own space, to make the move.  What if someone won’t help us to join in or make room for us?  We can’t break through on our own.   
And sometimes we are that group that is already established, that has to bend and adjust to let a new section in.  It’s not always comfortable to adjust our agendas to welcome in a newcomer, it might pull us out of our comfort zone a bit; might even make our lives messy, for a time.    
But the puzzle could not be completed, until all the sections were together as one unit and our lives cannot be complete until Jesus puts us all together to form his perfect picture.

Father, help me not to become too comfortable in either position until you lift your hands and say, “It’s finished.”  When I’m on the outside, help me to make the move to join in with the group and Father, when I’m comfortable and connected, give me the wisdom and the compassion to be willing to bend easily to allow new sections to join in, to help complete your immaculate canvas of our lives.
I Love You Jesus.
    In Your Name I Pray,
God Bless You!

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Will Affect Your Tomorrows!



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into words and those words have become these books.
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