As His Children…

Many times you will hear people say that we have to be servants of God while others insist that we must be His sons and daughters.

In the Old Testament, before Christ died, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were servants of God. Now in the New Testament, after Christ died, we became sons and daughters of God.

God adopted us. He made us His sons and daughters. If God is the King of kings, being His children would make us princes and princesses.

Most of us don’t live as princes and princesses. If a person walked in our homes, he would have no idea that we are royals. Not by our clothes, our hair or our demeanor. But we are nevertheless.

God saw us when we were tattered and torn, when we were dirty and messed up by sin. He realized the worth in us. He noticed the spark of royalty in us.

He cleaned us up. He saved us. He delivered us. He adopted us into His family. He gave us everything that pertains to life and godliness.

We have the same rights as His begotten child. He loves us the same as He does Jesus.

He outfits us with His love, His mercy and grace. He provides us with the Holy Spirit, with the Bible and all His promises.

Yet most of us are not using everything that is available to us as children of God. Instead we are huddled in the corner, rocking back and forth, wondering when God is going to do something in our lives.

No, we have the authority. Jesus gave it to us. We have the right to speak the Word to our mountains and expect them to change. The key is to believe.

Why should we sit in the corner when we have a right to sit at the table?  We must take our authority in Christ because we are children of the Most High God.

– Annagail Lynes


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