Getting the Revelation of Who God Is

I listened as the Pastor shared his message at church and wondered if I really understood too. He was talking about ‘Getting the Revelation of Who God is in my life’. The pastor shared on a couple of stories but it wasn’t till he talked about Peter walking on water that I finally saw what he was talking about.

For some reason the story of Peter walking on water has always resonated with me. It would have been a scary thing to do – to step out of that boat onto the water not really knowing if he could do it – walk on water. But the Pastor explained it very well. He also added something else I’d not thought of before.

As he described the scene from Matthew 14, with the other men in the boat, all had looked up and seen something in the distance. Some thought it was a ghost but Peter recognised that ‘something’ as being Jesus – he recognised his Lord, and it was with that recognition he was able to step out of the boat and walk towards Jesus. The others didn’t know it was Jesus and therefore did not follow Peter’s lead.

How often have we been able to see something as being of the Lord, or from the Lord and others haven’t? It is during that time we have to make a decision – follow our Lord or believe the others around us. It is during these times that we truly get a revelation of who God is in our lives when we act accordingly. Do you know who God is in your life?

© Kathie M. Thomas is author of “Worth More Than Rubies”, a devotional story of today’s Proverbs 31 Woman. Kathie lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Graham and is mother to 5 beautiful daughters.


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