God Is Faithful

For many years, God spoke the same command to me: “Cast your cares upon Me.”

I would try for awhile, but then I would just give up in frustration.

When God would speak that message to me again, I would become upset. I wanted a different message. Not the same one over and over again.

Throughout this whole process, God stood by me. He didn’t disown me. He didn’t say “Because you didn’t obey, I don’t want anything to do with you.”

No, God is faithful even when we are not.

Abraham had been promised a son, but after waiting for so long, Sarah, his wife, devised a plan to help God’s promise along. She told her husband to sleep with her maid to produce a child. He did. Only the son he produced wasn’t the child God promised him.

God, being faithful, when we are unfaithful didn’t take away His promise to Abraham. No, Abraham and Sarah did eventually produce the promised son, Isaac.

The children of Israel are a prime example of God being faithful when we are unfaithful.

When they were in the wilderness, they saw God provide them with manna every day except the Sabbath.  They saw how God parted the Red Sea and turned the bitter water into sweet.  However Moses still found them worshipping a golden calf, a false god.

Yet God continued to be faithful to the children of Israel, bringing Joshua, Caleb and the next generation of Israelites into the land He promised them.

Afterward, they rebelled against God many more times. God sent Samson, Esther and Gideon to save them from destruction. God was faithful when they were not faithful.

God is faithful to us too when we are not faithful to Him. That is His grace in action. We do not deserve it. We didn’t earn it, but we have it nevertheless.

No matter what we do, God will be faithful. The promises that He has given us will come to pass if we hold onto them and believe. God doesn’t take them back when we mess up.

No, they will come to pass. They might be delayed, like Abraham and Sarah’s son. But delay does not mean denial. Hallelujah! Our God is always faithful…especially when we are not.

– Annagail Lynes


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