My Cereal Tastes Yucky!

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you,
and lead me along the path of everlasting life.
     Psalm 139:23,24   (NLT)

Every morning I fix the boys breakfast  before they go to school.   We usually have waffles or french toast, but on Friday morning we were out of both, so I gave them cereal.  Cereal is usually the last resort, because Chase only eats half and Carson won’t take it with milk.  They aren’t getting much energy to start their day.  But I forgot to stop at the store the day before, so cereal would have to suffice. 

I fixed them both their bowls and set them at their spots and went to get them up.  They are great little guys in the morning.  They jump right out of bed, and head to the table to eat.  Chase sat down and starting eating his cereal, but after a couple of  bites he said, “Mommy, my cereal tastes yucky!”

Oh no … I thought.  There were two containers of milk in the refrigerator, one was bad and one was good and I must have grabbed the wrong one.  Now, I knew there was a bad one in there, but for some unknown reason, instead of pouring it out, I had simply pushed it to the back.  I guess I was busy at the moment and figured I’d dump it out a bit later. 

The night before, Bobby had discovered it, and he’d made mention of it, but he’d left it in there as well.  Now, I’m not sure why he mentioned it to me, and then left it in there too, but since I had done the same thing, I couldn’t really complain about him not throwing it away either. 

But unfortunately, when Bobby put it back in the fridge, he left the bad container in the front.  And when I had stumbled to the refrigerator at 6:50 am (early morning isn’t my prime time),  I had inadvertently grabbed the bad container of milk and poured it on Chase’s cereal.  And the poor little guy had taken a few bites of that cereal with sour milk  — YUCK!! 

What a thing to have to taste first thing in the morning.  I immediately scooped it up and made him a new one, but I felt bad that I had accidentally given him the bad one.  If I would have dumped the rotten milk out when I first noticed it, I could have saved Chase that bad experience.

But isn’t that just what we do to ourselves?   We leave the bad junk inside of us, planning on getting rid of it later, because we are too busy to deal with it; only to have it re-surface later and leave us with a bad taste in our mouths?  Or we put it somewhere where we think it’s ‘safe’, no one will mess with it; but then someone or something comes along, upsets the apple cart and boom, the issue is front and center.

Got any sour milk in your life?  Maybe it’s time to dump it out?

Father, I have been the queen of hanging on … regardless of the expiration date.  Please forgive me when I hang onto the old stuff.  Help me to keep my heart and my mind clear of the junk Lord, so that only Your good pours out.

I Love You Jesus. 
     In Your Name I Pray,

God Bless You!


Written by:  Joyce Schneider

        A Life Decision


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