A Little Holiday Love

Children already receive so much attention over the Holidays. But, how about your spouse? Does he get forgotten or rushed past too quickly amidst the entire buzz?

Here are a few simple ways to add some special touches to the Christmas Season for your husband:

~ Find a Christmas movie that he recalls from his childhood. Buy it, and snuggle together under a warm blanket as you watch it together.

~ Make a tree ornament for him that symbolizes your love. Let him hang it on the tree.

~ Dance to one of the slower Holiday tunes.

~ Make some hot chocolate for him to drink as he hangs up the Christmas lights outside.

~ Utilize candles to add the atmosphere of peace and warmth each evening as your man comes home from work.

~ Hang Christmas lights around your bedposts or near the ceiling of your bedroom for a magical and romantic Holiday glow.


~ Make one of his favorite Holiday treats.

All it takes are a few small efforts to re-connect with your husband. Each romantic and thoughtful moment will draw you closer to one another and fill the Season with more love than you thought possible.

By Dionna Sanchez



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