Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

So many times when we are going through crisis or problems, like Peter, we take our eyes off our Savior.  We take our eyes off our very present help in time of trouble.

Instead we focus our attention on the circumstances–the blowing wind, the choppy waves, or in our case, our depleting checkbook or the symptoms in our bodies.

We pay so much attention to what our bodies tell us or what our boss is saying about cut backs and layoffs.  We are bombarded by so many negative messages that we start to believe them over God.  We tuck those messages away in our hearts, and we let those seeds grow.

We need to re-shift our attention, our perspective.  Instead of focusing on the great need in our lives, we must focus on our Jesus.  Just as Peter turned his attention on Jesus and walked on the water, we too need to keep our eyes upon Jesus.

We are already healed according to I Peter 2:24.  We are already prosperous in Christ Jesus.  We are already blessed with every thing that pertains to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3-4).  However we focus too much on getting ourselves heal, making ourselves rich and providing for our own needs.

Instead we should focus on our Savior.  Worshiping Him.  Spending time with Him.  Singing to Him.  Paying attention to what He is saying to our spirits.

Our attitudes must change from “Gimme! Gimme!” to “Thank You, Lord.”  It’s time that we worship God and rest in His presence, where we will be refreshed and renewed.

What can we be grateful for?  A roof over our head?  Food on our table?  Extra groceries in our cupboards?  A bed to sleep in?  A Bible to read?  Let’s start by thanking Him for those things.  No matter how small.  We need to find the positive in every situation,  and be grateful to God for it.

When our focus is on Jesus, when we turn our eyes upon Him and trust Him to bring us through our tough times, He will.

As we worship God, we forget ourselves and our  problems.  It is when we spend time worshiping God that He takes care of everything that concerns us.  He makes sure all our needs our met.

We must remember to keep our eyes on Jesus.  Never let them waver.  Then He will cause us to be victorious in everything we do.


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