Squeeze Out The Sin

Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other

so that you may be healed.

James 5:16

When I climbed into bed with Chase last night to pray, he was all wrapped up in his blanket.  I reached over and gave him a great big hug and as I was hugging him, I said, “Ohhh, I could just squeeze you to pieces.”

I honestly don’t know why Moms say this, but we do.  At least I do.  And then I told him I was going to squeeze him until something came out.  And we were laughing and I said, “Should I squeeze you till all the love comes out?”

But we decided he needed the love to stay in.   He’s been fussing with his brother a lot lately, so he needs to keep all the love he has inside to help him love Carson more.  Then he looked up at me and said, “We could squeeze out the sin.”


Ummmm … I thought it was interesting that, yes, he did know that he had sin inside and it needed to come out.  And that he was willing to admit it to me.

I’m going through a training with a program called Celebrate Recovery.  It’s all about dealing with our habits, hurts and hang-ups and getting that stuff out into the open; before it festers and grows and destroys our spirits.

It’s all about becoming clean and clear inside.

The first step to healing is admitting that we do have a problem.  Denying my junk kept me from working through it for many years.  But once I spoke out my issue to another, well, at that point was where the journey to freedom began. 


So, I must ask … are you ready to squeeze out the sin?


Father, I just have to thank you one more time, and again and again, for giving me two of the sweetest little boys on this earth.  Oh they are far from perfect, but that is why I love them Lord, cause they are just like me!  But they have such sweet spirits, that is what I see and why I love them and I know that’s what You see as well.  And Lord Jesus, I ask You to reveal to each person who reads this message, what they’ve been covering up, what they’ve not wanted to let go of, what is hindering them from moving forward to the next step, with YOU!

I Love You Jesus. 

     In Your Name I Pray,


God Bless You!



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