I Need More Books

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you.

     Philippians 4:9


I am getting the biggest kick out of watching Carson and Chase and the excitement they have for learning.  God has really blessed them both with very good ‘thinkers’.  In fact, that is one of our continual prayers, thanking the Lord for giving them such absorbant little minds.  They love to learn.  I walked out of my office this afternoon, and there was Chase, at the kitchen table reading a school book.  Finger by finger he was working through the words, all by himself.  And he had already done his homework.  I hadn’t said a word, he just came home from school  and did it.  Carson needs to be reminded on occasion, but applies the same diligence, once he gets started.  He is into reading, big time, but was out of books this afternoon.  I had asked him why he wasn’t reading and his reply, “I need more books!”  So I asked Bobby to take him to the library after dinner.  Carson returned with three books, part of a series that he enjoys, and promptly sat down and started reading.  In fact, he was reading walking up the steps from the truck.


By the time Carson went to bed, a couple of hours later, he had finished all three books.  Now, they were not novels, but they are chapter books, about 70 pages each.  And when he was brushing his teeth, he mentioned that he would take a comphrensive test on all three of the books tomorrow, for extra credit.


Ummmm … okay, he not only reads fast, he can retain what he reads. 


I want that same desire to learn and to study God’s Word.  I want to pick up my Bible and not be able to put it down.  I want those words to become embedded in me.  I want to be able to regurgitate them, to live them, when the tests of life come. 


Father Thank You for leaving us an instruction manual for getting through this life.  And Lord, help me to digest it, cover to cover.  Let Your Words fill me up and overflow out of me. Thank You once again for giving Carson and Chase such a desire to learn, and such absorbant little brains to take it all in.


I Love You Jesus. 

     In Your Name I Pray,



God Bless You!



Submitted by:

   Joyce Schneider



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