Man of the House

Eph. 5:22 “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.”

A mom can be the center of her child’s life at times; but she cannot be both a mother and a father. She needs to support her husband and let him truly be the head of the household. That can be hard for us when we don’t want to lay down our pride. But, letting our husbands be the true head of our household doesn’t mean that we have to be a doormat. It simply means to be a helpmate and encourage your husband to be a wise family leader. Dads need to truly be the “man of the house.” They should command and earn respect by doling out discipline when it’s needed and helping mom enforce the rules. They should insist that their children speak to mom in respectful tones and encourage character in their children by meaningful exchanges and sometimes-necessary lessons.

There will be times when I need to allow my husband to have the final word of authority in our house. It may be tough – but as wives, we need to get over the “me” thing for the well being of our whole family.

If we fill our role in the way God intended; satisfaction, peace, and love will flow out of us and radiate into our homes. And not only our marriage, but also our family will function the way it should.

~By Dionna Sanchez


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