Standing For What Is Right

Do you have the courage to stand up for what is right and not compromise what you believe?

I was recently contacted by an individual who wanted to link to my family traditions page at my website. They went on to say how wonderful my page was as a resource to families and that it would be an asset to their lives.

Aaah – but there was a catch. In order to allow this person to link to my valuable resource, they wanted me to change some content. What content could they possibly want me to change on a family traditions page? They wanted me to change “Christmas” to “Holidays,” “church” to “church or temple,” and “Bible” to “your favorite spiritual book.”

If I were to have agreed to this, I would have been compromising who I am as a person and what I believe. When I refer to “Christmas” I mean Christmas! I don’t mean the Holidays. When I say “Bible,” I am not encompassing other books in with that – I mean the Bible. I am not going to compromise what I believe just to make someone else feel comfortable. It seems interesting to me, that Christians need to be tolerant of everyone else (if we are not, we are hateful) but no one seems to be very tolerant of Christians!

What has happened to us? You see, people are trying to tell us what our intent is when we use words. They are trying to direct our morals and our values in a certain direction to be “politically correct.” Forget right and wrong – it is what is popular that matters.

It takes great courage to stand on your principles and values – especially if it seems that you are standing alone. But take heart – God is on your side and He will reward you one day for your courage. Don’t give in… it feels amazing to know that you did the right thing and that you failed to compromise.

By Dionna Sanchez


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