Unresolved Conflicts

I believe that God hates unresolved conflicts. Especially among believers.

It says in the Bible that God wants us to be as one. He wants us to be unified so that the world will know that He has sent us.

Sometimes I understand that it’s really tough to resolve a conflict with a brother or sister in the Lord. Maybe they have wounded you very deeply. Maybe they are just plain irritating and unlikeable. In these cases I have found it helpful to ask God to help me “abound in love and knowledge and depth of insight” for the person in question. We need to take the matter to the Lord in prayer and seek His timing and direction on the matter. Of course there may be times where personal protection, professional counsel, or intervention may be necessary. But on the whole, most of the time it just takes a little humility and a great deal of courage to forgive.

God has forgiven us of so much. He died to forgive us! Can’t we too, forgive someone else for a grieveance? I think we can.

~ By Dionna Sanchezhttp://emphasisonmoms.com/newsletter.htm


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  1. Kristine
    Nov 05, 2007 @ 21:01:43

    Forgiveness doesn’t automatically result in a restored relationship. While forgiveness can, and hopefully will, result in reconciliation between parties who’ve had a falling out, there are no guarantees. Thus, unresolved conflict and forgiveness are not synonymous and shouldn’t be used interchangably. In truth, forgiveness is one “stop” along the way toward restoration, but the restoration process can be short-circuited by one or both parties at any time.

    As a biblical imperative, forgiveness is a “solo act.” It is the first step in a process that hopefully and ideally results in restoration, but not always. Restoration is a “duet.” It requires a response from the other party. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. The other party may not respond to our forgiveness the way we hoped he or she would. And when this happens, we best leave them in God’s hands. As Dr. Lewis Smedes, a leading expert on forgiveness says, we can then “go home and enjoy our healing in private.”

    This topic is discussed at length at my blog.


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