Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Do the seasons of our earth move you? Inspire you? How about the transition from summer to fall? Does the change in the wind and temperature build anticipation in your heart for brisk walks in the fallen leaves or hay rides and hot apple cider? As we take in the fresh and crisp air of this season, we are also filled with anticipation of colder and longer days, when the brittle brown of autumn’s blessings gives way to the silver frost of the coming winter. And so it is with age.  Some of us fear or dread our next season.  But why?  Should n’t we anticipate it just as we did when we were little?  Do you remember counting down the days until your next birthday?  Do you remember turning 13?  16?  18?  21?  Each of those ages brought more blessings to look forward to, in becoming a young adult.   But as women, age seems to become something to avoid, past 25.  Should we avoid it?  Dodge it?  Pretend its not going to happen?  I believe the better choice would be to build with anticipation in our hearts what God will teach us in the coming  year of our lives.  Each year, each day, and every single moment we have the breath of life, is precious.  Many of us are in our season of autumn and some of us are beginning the transition from mid-life, to our senior years.  You could look at this analogy as crispy old brown leaves turning to a frozen season of cold dead trees……….but I don’t see it that way and I challenge you to gain a different perspective as well.  If spring is new life, young children and babies, and summer is our young adult years, then our autumn is the season when we are raising our families.  Full of rich colorful blessings as we stumble through the joys and challenges of raising our children.  Then winter is the season of our lives of wisdom.  Even with our silver hair and our care-worn smiles, we display our experience in life and our lessons-learned.  Our senior years can be a season to anticipate and enjoy just as our other seasons!So what ever season you may be in right now….ponder on the one you may enter in next.  Build in  your heart, anticipation for what God has in-store for you!  Get excited, and begin to enjoy these seasons of life which we experience!  Be inspired and be moved by the plans God has made for you!  Spring, summer, autumn or winter, all of our seasons are blessed and can be as joyful as we allow them to be!

Wanda M. Stine


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